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    Total visibility of your Supply Chain
    Live dashboards to view and eliminate bottlenecks
    Real-time alarms and alerts to help you stay on top of your Supply Chain.
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    The power of predictive analytics
    Detect and stop misdirected shipment during loading
    < 300 Milliseconds to detect shipment, confirm loading operation, check recipient, and flag a misdirect. Stop the loading operation before a misdirect even occurs.

Analytica provides an ultra-fast, secure, advanced platform for your next generation RFID deployment.

Start with a platform that provides the most advanced capabilities that RFID has to offer. Use a rich set of API's to integrate with your Help Desk, ERP, Supply Chain, and other back-end systems.

How It Works

Easy deployment

Aries' SaaS model lets you get started with a system that provides you with basic supply chain visibility in as less as a week. Additional modules for presenting misdirects can be added at any time

Easy management

A managed service with a guaranteed uptime of over 99.99% lets you focus on using a set of powerful tools and reports that help you spot problems and fix them before they impact your business.

Easy ROI tracking

Aries makes it easy for you to quantify your Return on Investment, with a suite of built-in tools to baseline and track your performance, log actions taken, and show your savings and improvement over time.

Why You Should Use Aries

Strong Security

All communication betweem Aries and each individual RFID reader/sensor is secured with military-grade encryption.

Easy Integration

Aries exposes a rich set of API's that you can use to integrate with your back-end systems using C/C++, Java, Python or PHP.

Secure Communication

Private network/tunnel feature lets you deploy, configure and run securely and seamlessly even behind most firewalls.

Secure Deployment

A unique per-device configuration ensures that each device is individually protected, even if it physically compromised.

Integrated Monitoring

Independent management & monitoring of your sensor network using the same tools that we use to guarantee 99.99% uptime.

Data Protection

Fine-grained access control restrictions allows you to decide who has access to your data, and what information they see.

Integrated alerts

Set up triggers to provide instant alerts on your mobile device when any exceptional event happens in your Supply Chain.

Modular Functionality

Deploy additional modules strategically at key locations in your supply chain for real-time reaction, and other special functions.

Speed & Performance

Aries was designed primarily for speed & security - and uses proprietary algorithms to deliver industry-leading performance.

Learn how you can reduce over 90% of expedites and expendables in your returnables supply chain

Email us to learn how we can help you dramatically improve your supply chain visibility and efficiency.